Our mission is to help SME companies in the professionalization and the continuity of their business by providing recurring accounting, fiscal, labor and administrative services, as well as planning and executing corporate restructuring operations aimed to improve the asset and fiscal structure of family companies.


We come into being from a team of professionals with more than 10 years’ experience in providing services to large companies and SMEs, thanks to the knowledge gathered in one of the top multinational firms in the business services sector.


We intend to be primary advisors in SME corporate restructuring at national level. We also want to become a technological model to pursue with regard to recurring services management (accounting, fiscal, labor and administrative services). Our aim is to reach these goals within no more than 5 years.


  • “We have been fortunate enough to count on a KPMG team led by Javier from the beginning of our SOCIMI. Though it was a complicate ‘adventure’, Javier has led the project with exceptional personal attention and professional capacity month after month, sparing no effort.”

    Jon Armentia - Corporate Director
  • “Paul is a brilliant and responsible person with wide experience in his field and full control of the pre-hired tasks. He led a KPMG group of persons that carried out the tasks, and as representative of his Company before our Steering Committee and Administrative Board he became responsible for presenting and explaining the results of the hired works every month and at the end of every year, always with full satisfaction of our directors and the General Management.”

    Rafael Garcia- Valenzuela Guimon - Former CEO of Capital Energy Group
  • “Leialta is an excellent organization of serious and committed people with a close relationship to the customer and adjusting strictly to the submission dates. They show a high level of professionalism in their daily performance of duties”.

    Alberto Peñuelas - Managing Director
  • “I know Paul for some time, both at a professional and personal level, and I think he is a committed and efficient person. And when you work in the field of financial and tax advice, as he does, this is not as common as some could think. His vision and his closeness have significantly helped me to understand problems and their solutions “.

    Alberte Santos - Chief Executive
  • “I must say that I have always remained faithful to the people who have been advising me for quite a long time about providing recurring services. So I hope they will remain in my team, as they are great professionals in the field of consultancy”.

    Pablo del Rio - Managing Director