Business Consulting

LEIALTA is a firm that offers professional services to companies and particulars, focused on SMEs. Our business consulting services cover all the recurring needs and any temporary situations in order to improve cost effectiveness and secure the legacy.


We come into being from a team of professionals with more than 10 years experience in providing services to large companies and SMEs, thanks to the knowledge gathered in one of the top multinational firms in the business services sector (Big 4). Our team of experts in business consulting is accustomed to boost and invigorate business, and we also provide new management tools that will surely add value to your organization.
We have sector-specialized professionals who are always updating their knowledge. Only those who are more prepared can cope with the constant changes that happen every day in the business world.
We have agreements with first-level studies to complement our offer of business-consulting services without reducing the level of quality we demand from ourselves.
We use the latest technology in order to reduce all our tasks’ execution times, especially in those areas with lesser added value, making it possible for our professionals to devote time to what really matters.


Corporate restructuring

We are specialized in corporate restructuring operations, in planning and legal execution of operations governed by the 3/2009 Law (April, 3rd), on structural modifications of trading companies such as mergers, spin-offs, segregations or contributions of branches of business, exchange of securities and global assignment of assets and liabilities.

Corporate restructuring
The main feature is that the stated operation takes advantage from a tax neutral regime, preventing the taxation of the corresponding capital gains in the field of direct and indirect taxation.

The stated neutral tax regime makes it possible for the companies to adapt to the requirements of the internal market, increase their productivity and reinforce their competitive strength on the international stage. The reasons to undertake a corporate restructuring operation can be due to a variety of reasons…

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As experts in business consulting, we provide our clients with a comprehensive accounting , fiscal, labor and administration management system addressed both to companies and every type of freelancers. Specifically, the services we offer are:

  • Keeping of the financial accounting.
  • Preparing the Annual Accounts and the Official Records.
  • Preparation and submission of the tax statements applicable to our clients.
  • Support and response for requirements related to tax and informative statements.
  • Preparation of payrolls and payment handling.
  • Delivery of invoices and tracking of debt collection.

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We design and implement complete and comprehensive services to review societies and company groups in procurement transactions, split-off, merging, etc.

The reach of our investigation process is custom-designed for our clients’ needs, covering both the economic-tax and legal areas. Our Due Diligence service is completed by the delivery of a rigorous and thorough report with the performed analysis.

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In a first stage of a business’s activity or by the very nature of this activity (online commerce) it is not appropriate for some foreign companies to empower one of their employees as their legal and tax representative, because of the responsibilities that involves the performing of this duty. Additionally, this representative must be a resident in Spain for tax purposes, and this makes even more difficult to find such profile in the company.

In Leialta we offer ourselves to assume the legal and tax representation of those permanent and non-permanent establishments that are to be formed in Spain. This status, the Legal and Tax Representative, is compulsory for every foreign company that wishes to open an office (Branch, representation office, etc.) or start a business in the Spanish territory.

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A Special Employment Center CEE is a company with the aim of providing disabled people with a productive and paid job, adapted to their personal characteristics and that facilitates their integration in the labor market. This is an ideal platform to train and enable disabled people.

Among the aids corresponding to a Special Employment Center, we should state that this establishments can get a subsidy equivalent to 50% of the Minimum Inter-professional Wage (SMI), reduction of 100% in the employer’s Social Security contributions for hired disabled employees…

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Business consulting for SMEsLEIALTA offers professional business consulting solutions, supported by technological tools that make it possible for us to save time in those tasks of lower added value to devote it to those with higher added value. All the professionals in LEIALTA and their collaborators have more than 10 years’ work experience in national first-level studies. We offer custom-designed business consulting solutions for our clients, treating them with personal and distinct attention.