Compliance is the term for the group of services provided to a company or an individual for the fulfillment of the requirements set by the law, the current legislation or a set of rules.

Compliance Services

In the case of LEIALTA, our Compliance area covers all the recurring services for companies and individuals to fulfill all their accounting, tax, labor and legal obligations set by the Spanish law and legislation.

Compliance for SMEs

These services are what we colloquially know as consultancy services: bookkeeping, taxes, payrolls, annual accounts, etc. Unfortunately, this limited vision of the reach of Compliance services has led to an unsatisfactory quality in the service and an inadequate customer’s perception.

As experts in accounting consultancy, we are aware that accounting is probably the most relevant information for decision-making in the company, and all the reports derived from it provide an accurate knowledge of the company’s situation.

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Out tax consultancy services focus on the proper and on time planning, preparation and filling of all kind of taxes for companies, SMEs and freelancers. We are equally specialized in comprehensive advice to company groups through their tax consolidation in terms of Direct Taxation (IS-CT) and Indirect Taxation (IVA-VAT).

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In LEIALTA we have a specialist labor consulting team. We do not only match the recurring specific needs of the company but also specific situations that require highly qualified professionals. We seek to be a payroll provider and a primary adviser in every labor field.

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Cost accounting or analysis consists of keeping an accounting which is more advanced and richer in operative information than financial accounting. Its development generates an internal analysis of the company’s individualized financial return for each one of its area.

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In Leialta we are aware of our clients needs and many of them ask us: what is a labor protocol and what are its benefits? The fact that two or more companies belong to the same commercial business group is not enough to consider the existence of a joint liability of them all regarding to the obligations undertaken by one of the companies with its own workers (Supreme Court Decisions of January 23rd, 2002 and January 26th, 2000).

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The strong competition present in the sector forces an important lowering of prices that leads to a clear deterioration of the service: to be cost-effective, it is necessary to comprise more clients with fewer professionals. Spending less time with the customer means that it will not be possible to carefully analyze their data in order to give added value to this task. This fact results in mistakes, delays in delivery dates, lack of understanding of the customer’s business, etc. The Compliance service therefore becomes a simple data management service.

Under these circumstances, the input received by the customers does not provide them with relevant information that could help in the making of decisions. The Compliance service turns into an outright fixed cost. And as such, it has to be reduced to the greatest possible extent. This involves a higher pressure on the service prices.

“It is vicious circle.”

From LEIALTA we want to offer an alternative to this situation. It is not an easy job to break this vicious circle, but we count on several tools to achieve this:
The LEIALTA team has more than 10 years average experience in Compliance services. They are professionals that can quickly identify the improvement areas of our customer’s procedures and focus their analysis on those parts that more added value can give the customer.
Before the start of the service and during the first months, we meet with our clients in order to (and through a series of questionnaires) get to know their business and find any critical information so we can take it into account for our service.
We have specialized software that allows us to perform massive information processing in less time than other similar ERPs in the market. We know that in the beginning we will have to work at more affordable prices, so we will have to save time in those tasks that less added value give: data entry.
All the recurring tasks of Compliance services are under procedure. We have work schemes and templates for every repetitive process. It is not necessary to build from scratch, so again we are saving time.
In a mandatory way, we invest part of our time looking for ways to improve service to our clients: by internal meetings, meeting with our clients, looking for new technological tools or receiving continuous training.

Thanks to our compliance services we will be your best alliesThrough the experience of working with us, we want our customers to place value on Compliance services and give us the opportunity of providing them with new information and interpretations of it for optimal decision-making.

We know this is a slow process, as in many companies the perception of Compliance services is quite negative. Our main goal is to show what a good processing of the information can achieve.

Ultimately, our own experience and the market analysis have marked us out of the competition by providing more services where the rest gives less, and have made it possible for us to give more added value in areas our competitors do not even consider, maintaining regular face-to-face and phone contact with our customers because eventually we are all people with needs, and we have to help meet them.

Compliance services for SMEsContact us and one of our specialized consultants will give you further information about our Compliance services.