Accounting Consultancy

Accounting consultancy for SMEsAs experts in accounting consultancy, we are aware that accounting is probably the most relevant information for decision-making in the company, and all the reports derived from it provide an accurate knowledge of the company’s situation.

Our services focus on recurring accounting advice and bookkeeping, delivering a monthly-quarterly report to the client with the analysis of the economic-financial situation. This report is performed in a simple way so our clients (as accounting is not part of their business) can easily interpret the main items of the balance sheet and the income statement.

Accounting Consultancy Services

In our accounting consultancy service we would take a proactive approach when reviewing the accountancy politics adopted by the company management, in order to detect the existence of weaknesses and potential chances in the implementation of these politics and aiming to assist the company in optimizing their fiscal year.

Accounting Consultancy for consolidation purposes

  • Consolidation of financial statements according to the existing consolidation methods, that is, global integration method, equity method and proportional integration method. Preparation of consolidated balance sheets for Company Groups showing a true and fair image of the assets, financial situation and results of a company group as if it were an only company.
  • Preparation of consolidated balance sheets, consolidated income statements, consolidated report, consolidated cash flow statements, statements of changes in the consolidated equity according to the guidelines from the Spanish Accounting and Audition Institute (ICAC). Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de cuentas (ICAC).
  • Preparation of balance sheet in corporate restructuration such as mergers, split-offs and corporate takeovers, covered by by the Structural Modifications Act, Chapter VII Title VII of LIS.
  • Drafting of the sales notebook with the valuation of the company in view of a possible purchase or sale.

Other Accountancy Services

  • Conducting of an initial audit aiming to value the company’s assets and debts, examining any significant aspects in its past, present and predictable future, analyzing all the information related to the economic, financial, legal, tax and labor areas. The audit’s aim is to develop a risk minimization plan.
  • Analysis of the sources and use of funds in order to asset how the company gets its funds and where the generated funds have been applied.
  • Analysis of the rolling fund’s evolution and calculation of the funding operational needs.
  • Drafting of specific projects for those companies seeking accreditation in the corresponding Region. For example, in order to obtain accreditation as Special Employment Center.
  • Preparation of accountancy introductory courses. Continuous training for our clients whenever they require it, via e-mail accountancy alerts.
Accounting consultancy for SMEsIf you are looking for accounting consultancy services. Contact-us and we will tell you about all the options.