Labor Consulting

Labor consulting for SMEsIn LEIALTA we have a specialist labor consulting team. We do not only match the recurring specific needs of the company but also specific situations that require highly qualified professionals. We seek to be a payroll provider and a primary adviser in every labor field.

In order to perform all the recurring tasks, we have custom-design software for consultancy and management agencies (DIAMALAB). This technology makes it possible to save time in lower added-value tasks (data entry, synchronization with financial and cost accounting) and devote it to primary needs in the labor consulting field: revision of the entered information, applied conventions, contractual amendments, etc. We are constantly seeking for new ways of working that can save us time in executing tasks so we can devote it to improve our customer service. Excellence in work as our company motto.


In the field of labor consulting, payroll management becomes a key fact for which we provide an ample array of services.

  • Preparation of the staff’s monthly payrolls and their confidential sending.
  • Preparation of a summary table of payrolls per cost center (if required) for its accounting. We can generate it in electronic files for its automatic downloading to your ERP.
  • Preparation of payrolls’ payment orders on a monthly basis, on paper and magnetic media.
  • Preparation of the monthly bulletins with information about social security contributions (TC-1 and TC-2) that the company is compelled to submit to the National Social Security Institution (company and staff).
  • Preparation of the monthly or quarterly return-payment documents for withholdings and payments applied to staff and professionals (Model 110 or 111).
  • Preparation of the Annual Summary of Witholdings and Advance Payments on the Tax on the Income of Physical Persons (IRPF) (model 190).
  • Preparation of annual company certificates of every worker, documents accrediting the workers’ gross salary, amounts to be retained for the Tax on the Income of Physical Persons (IRPF) and Social Security.


Our labor consulting department also covers the following staff-variation services:

  • Preparation of standard employment contracts for the staff of the Corporate Group, as well as its registration in the Public Employment Office through the CONTRAT@ system.
  • Notification of staff hiring at the National Social Security, through the RED system.
  • Preparation and registration of any modification related to employment contracts (work hours, salary, workplace, category, etc.) and processing of any variations at the National Social Security system, through the RED system.
  • Preparation of documents related to the termination of employment relationships (final payments, certificates of being off the National Social Security…).
  • Recurring advice on routine issues that can appear in connection to the preparation of payrolls and staff variations.


In LEIALTA we consider that labor consulting must be provided by the best professionals. In order to achieve this, for one-stop services we rely on the collaboration of some of the most prestigious studies in Spain. They have the best-qualified and experienced professionals. Thanks to the close collaboration we maintain with them, we can provide a quick, high-quality and affordable service.

We consider that this last statement is key in our strategy – we want to take the excellence in advising large companies to the SME world without it supposing an unaffordable cost to small companies. To achieve this goal, our task focuses in understanding clearly the customer’s needs and proposing a service where we make our collaborators’ work easier by reducing its share to key points where they can provide a higher added value, increasing the cost just in connection with the provided service:

Consultoria empresarial para PYMESContact us and an advisor will give you further information about all out labor consulting services in Madrid and Spain.