Tax Consultancy

Out tax consultancy services focus on the proper and on time planning, preparation and filling of all kind of taxes for companies, SMEs and freelancers. We are equally specialized in comprehensive advice to company groups through their tax consolidation in terms of Direct Taxation (IS-CT) and Indirect Taxation (IVA-VAT).

Preparation and filling of Individual Taxes

In the field of tax consultancy we must mention the following services related to the preparation and filling of individual taxes:

Our focus would not be limited to facilitate the compliance according to the Spanish tax legislation. When developing our tax consultancy service, we would adopt a proactive focus and review the tax policies undertaken by the company management in order to detect weaknesses and potential opportunities in the implementation of such policies, aiming to help the company to improve the outcome of the fiscal year.

Other Tax Accountancy services

  • Attending to Tax Inspections.
  • Preparation of actions before the Courts.
  • Extraordinary reports on some fiscal aspects such as mergers, Split-offs, sales or purchases of companies, etc.
  • Fiscal representation services to the branches of multinational companies.
  • Funds management to cover our clients’ tax payment under their supervision and control.
  • Obtaining the AEAT certify of electronic notifications in order to receive notifications from the Treasury Department.

Preparation and filling of Consolidate Taxes

Relation of tax consultancy services linked to consolidated taxes:

  • Preparation and filling of the census model, model 039, with the tax registration for the VAT or IS Consolidation, together with the preparation for the AEAT of the corresponding Group document for the mentioned inclusion in the tax consolidation.
  • Preparation of the entity group’s aggregated self-settlement for VAT purposes, Special Group Regime (REGE), model 322 individual and model 353 aggregated. The declarations must be prepared for each dependant entity in an monthly basis, and so must their results and balances, payable or receivable, through model 322, and they will be included in a group aggregated self-settlement, model 353, once submitted the individual settlements.
  • The parent entity (Parent Company of a Corporate Group or Holding Company) can request the inscription in the monthly-return Register for VAT purposes, as on the contrary it would be performed by the general procedure.
  • Preparation and filling of the consolidated payments on accounts and consolidated model, through models 202 and 222 for consolidation groups. The main advantage of become part of the consolidated model for IS purposes is the offset of the negative tax losses with the positive tax bases.

Other Taxes

Tax consultancy for SMEsContact us and a specialized advisor will give you more information about our Tax Consultancy services in Madrid and Spain.