Corporate Restructuring

We are specialized in corporate restructuring operations, in planning and legal execution of operations governed by the 3/2009 Law (April, 3rd), on structural modifications of trading companies such as mergers, spin-offs, segregations or contributions of branches of business, exchange of securities (Holding Company) and global assignment of assets and liabilities (Patrimonial Company). Everything is done through the preparation of a family protocol that establishes a separation between the management, ruling and propriety levels.

Specialized in corporate restructuring operations

The main feature is that the stated operation takes advantage from a tax neutral regime, preventing the taxation of the corresponding capital gains in the field of direct and indirect taxation.

The family protocol is a commitment established by the members of the Proprietary Family Company in order to reach and ensure (for current and future generations) the company’s standard for success that generates business wealth, and leave it to the generations to come.

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Two are the main reasons to create a Holding Company:

  • In family companies which are in transition to second or third generations, reality shows us that there are relatives working in the company and non-managing relatives that do not work in it…
  • A Holding company is a type of corporate restructuring that makes it possible to plan the company’s continuity by formalizing it professionally.

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Corporate restructuringThe stated neutral tax regime makes it possible for the companies to adapt to the requirements of the internal market, increase their productivity and reinforce their competitive strength on the international stage. The reasons to undertake a corporate restructuring operation can be due to a variety of reasons: expansion/acquisition of market share, administrative cost savings, changes in the commercial strategy, tax savings (taking advantage of tax losses, etc.), regulatory reasons and separation of distinct business. Also, the need to make the decision on investments independent, to restructure and rationalize the activities in order to make the business more efficient, or to facilitate the provision of the right funding for each activity type. In short, it makes it possible to facilitate strategic options intended to achieve business continuity in relation to possible integration actions, such as competitors purchasing, merging or sales operations.

Why should we undertake corporate restructuring?

In response to this, our SME-restructuring business unit includes a group of professionals (at a local and national level) dedicated to advise SME companies about how to improve their corporate structures.

Our focus would be based on several key features:

Business consulting for SMEsIf you have any of the exposed needs, do not hesitate in contacting us and we will help you with whatever you need to undertake a corporate restructuring operation.