Setting up a business in Spain

Setting up a company in Spain is quite an interesting option for any entrepreneur. The procedure is not as complicated as one could think: in Leialta we have the required means and experience to advise and accompany any foreign entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of the chances provided by our company.

Today, setting up a business in Spain is easier and safer thanks to the opportunities we offer. Hereafter you will find the most interesting services that will help in a Spanish company registration.

Spanish company registration

  Steps before setting up spanish company registration

1.Memorandum prior to registration. Before setting up a company in Spain, we have to take in consideration the different options. The structure of the future company can take different forms: it could be a subsidiary or an establishment (permanent or non-permanent). In Leialta we will make an analysis and design a memorandum including all the necessary details to guarantee a great success when setting up a company in Spain.

2. Pre-incorporated companies.
For a Spanish company registration, pre-incorporated companies are an excellent option. In Leialta we offer our clients the possibility of getting a tax ID number through one of our pre-incorporated companies, so they can start operating from the very first day. It is a wonderful chance for any entrepreneur that needs to get an ID number as soon as possible.

3. Tax and Legal Representative. When an entrepreneur wishes to set up a company in Spain but does not have the minimum structure to operate, it is advisable to have an efficient and reliable tax and legal representative. Leialta provides foreign business with this service, avoiding our clients the inconvenience of having to reside permanently in the country. We also have legal representative services for any client who wants to set up a company in Spain with every guarantee.

4. Cash Handling Services. Setting up a company in Spain involves having a bank account in a Spanish banking entity. While this is no problem for stock companies or Limited Liability Companies, when the company takes a different form the procedure could extend during a long time. In Leialta we provide our foreign clients with Cash Handling Services that make it possible to make payroll, tax or shopping payments in a legal and immediate way.

Are you considering setting up a company in Spain? Do not hesitate in contact our experts so they can advise you during the whole process. Leialta will accompany you from the first day and will help you with the procedures involved in a Spanish company registration.

Services for company registrationIn LEIALTA we provide a complete Company registration services for more information about this services please Contact-us.