Cash Handling Services

Cash-Handling services are a great help for any foreign company that wishes to operate in Spain. When setting up a company in Spain, Leialta can provide Cash Handling services to any company. Whenever it is not a stock company or a Limited Liability Company, it is compulsory for the business to open a bank account in our country in order to do business. This is something that can take many procedures, a complicate process that can delay the registration of the company for longer than the owner would like. On the other hand, if an entrepreneur wants to open a bank account in Spain it will be necessary that he or travels to the country, and often this is not possible or convenient.

Cash Handling Services to setting up a company in Spain

Paying with Cash Handling Services

In Leialta we are aware of the complications that may arise when setting up a company in Spain. This is why we provide foreign entrepreneurs with our Cash Handling services, so they can take care of their payrolls and tax payments without opening a bank account in Spain. Currently we have several accounts already opened, and they are available for any businessman who wishes to operate in our country.

Through our Cash Handling services, the entrepreneur who wishes to do business in Spain will be able to make payroll payments and pay the withholding taxes to the state coffers, as well as take care of the Social Security payments.

The company will only have to transfer the money to the available bank account; from this account, we will make the payments in a quick, legal and transparent way. Leialta will establish an agreed calendar between both parties and will inform of the amounts to be satisfied in relation to the payroll, tax and legal obligations. This also a way of ensuring that the company is up to date with its tax and Social Security payments, as Leialta will shoulder the responsibility to execute the payments in due course.


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