Memorandum prior to registration. Establishment options

Doing business in Spain is a great choice for any foreign entrepreneur. In order to register a company, it is basic to consider the existing options and choose the one that will work best for your business. The first step consists in elaborating a memorandum prior to the registration of a company: in Leialta we have a professional team, with years of experience in managing foreign business in Spain. We will elaborate a memorandum prior to the registration of your company and establish a realistic calendar of developmental milestones, as laying down easy-to-meet deadlines is the first step to success.
These studies are based in a deep previous analysis of the company’s situation. We will elaborate a memorandum and a milestone guide with a strict commitment to meeting, based in a realistic approach. Our aim is that the new company can start doing business in Spain ASAP. The elaborated memorandum will tabulate the advantages and disadvantages of the different options from a legal and tax point of view, in order to take a well-based and reasonable decision.

Doing business in Spain it is important start with a memorandum prior to registration

Before doing business in Spain will consider the following options

  • Permanent establishment: representative office or branch office, a branch of the foreign company in our country. It does not need articles of association and the company must have a department in the national territory for doing business in Spain
  • Non-permanent establishment. It is an externalized department with no staff at all. This is a very popular option for doing business in Spain, though not always available.
  • Subsidiaries.In the form of so-called Sociedad Anónima (Public Limited Company) or so-called Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (Limited Liability Company).


Doing business in Spain can be easy if all options are taken in consideration. With a good analysis and an assessment of options, it is possible to do it in a quick, efficient and transparent way.

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