Pre-incorporated Company Services

ready-made company services in Spain

A ready-made company can be the best way to set up a business in Spain and operate from the very first day. The procedures to set up and put a Limited Liability Company into operation normally take between 40 and 50 days; furthermore, you may need to come several times to Spain in order to get an effective Company. And we all know that anyone who is thinking of setting a business in Spain usually needs to get the tax ID number in order to sign agreements and work with suppliers. That’s why getting a ready-made company can be the best solution to avoid all these cumbersome procedures.


What are the advantages of acquiring a ready-made company?

These companies do not need that the entrepreneur or investor lives in Spain. Moreover, the tax ID number can be obtained from the first day, saving this so valuable time. In Leialta we offer our clients the opportunity of acquiring a ready-made company, as we have pre-incorporated Limited Liability Companies ready to use in 24 hours with no assets or liabilities, no debt and no previous activity (which are certified before a Notary Public). This way, we can provide entrepreneurs or investors a company immediately at their disposal.

All the necessary steps will be simplified and you will only be required to spend one day in Spain. The purchasing procedures are performed at the Notary Public office, in just one day: there we shall change all the relevant data (owner, company name, activity…) so the company can be operative in Spain right away. Because in our ready-made companies, most of the administrative formalities are already fulfilled and we can leave the drafting of the social status, the opening of the company’s bank accounts and the tax ID number prepared.
If you are thinking of setting up a company in Spain and start operating right away, do not hesitate: the solution involves getting a ready-made company.


Services for Memorandum prior to registrationIn LEIALTA we provide a complete Company registration services for more information about this services please Contact-us.