Special Employment Center

What is a Special Employment Center (CEE)? Background

A Special Employment Center CEE is a company whose aim is to provide disabled people with the performance of a productive and paid work, adapted to their personal characteristics and making their labor-market integration easier.

It is the most suitable platform to train and enable disabled people. Among its main characteristics, we can highlight the following:

  • From an economic point of view these “centers” are companies, to the extent that they are bound to intervene in the market of goods and services. They can be created by Entities, natural persons, legal persons or joint-property entities which have full legal capacity to act in order to become entrepreneurs: mercantile companies, associations, foundations, etc.
  • Their aim is to ensure paid work for the disabled people who perform it, and the possible provision of personal- and social-adjustment services required. It is crucial to highlight that the labor market participation of disabled people is quite low. About one out of four disabled people is currently working, and the unemployment rate is nine points higher than that of non-disabled population.
  • At least, the 70 per cent of your staff must be composed of workers with a degree of disability of 33% or higher.
  • These centers are conceived as a way of integrating disabled peopled in the labor market.

Aids and subsidies as a Special Employment Center

Special Employment CenterAmong the aids corresponding to a Special Employment Center we should highlight the following:

  • There is the possibility of getting a subsidy equivalent to the 50% of the Minimum Inter-professional Wage (SMI), or proportional if it is a part-time job, for any disabled employee in the Special Employment Center.
  • Reduction of 100% in the employer’s Social Security contributions for hired disabled employees.
  • Aids for Professional Activity Support Units (R.D. 469/2006, April 21st). The subsidies will be established according to the duration of the employment contract, al a request of the Special Employment Center processed under the established procedure. These subsidies will be conditional on the State budgetary availability.
  • Equally, deductions of 6000-9000 euros on the Corporate Income Tax for each hired disabled employee should have to be taken in account.

Which is our working methodology?

Our actions would focus on the following:

Consultoria empresarial para PYMESAiming to obtain the accreditation as Special Employment Center in the corresponding Autonomous Region, in LEIALTA we would take care of preparing all the necessary economic, legal, administrative and labor information for our customer. We have the experience you need to bring this new business project to a successful conclusion. Contact-us for further information.